Protecting your home and family is as important to us as is it to you. From door and window sensors to automatic locks and glass break detectors, we’ve got your family’s safety and security covered. We will guide you through the best equipment for your budget and need, so you can rest easy.

Security Systems

We offer a range of service to ensure your family is safe. The very best in sensor and detection equipment, which can all be accessed remotely through a  convenient mobile app, means that no matter what you can check in on your home and family and know that they’re safe.

Beyond the essential life safety and intrusion protection system we also offer additional features that tie into the same platform.

  • Non-emergency sensors (for a room, drawer, or even the fridge your kids shouldn’t be in)
  • Safe open/removal detectors
  • Flood sensors (so you’ll know immediately if your basement starts flooding)
  • Temperature sensors (so you’ll know if your furnace fails, and you can fix it before your pipes burst)

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